Alkemie拒絕油光 - 強效平衡乳霜 (50ml) ALK.00641 (行貨) DON’T BE SHYINY - Super Normalizing Cream (50ml)



Alkemie拒絕油光 - 強效平衡乳霜 (50ml) ALK.00641 (行貨) DON’T BE SHYINY - Super Normalizing Cream (50ml) 商品描述 拒絕羞澀 專為易長痤瘡、毛孔粗大、油性和混合性等問題皮膚而設,提供全面的解決之道。 產品特點: 含有滋補、皮脂調節、護膚和保濕成分。 專門呵護容易長痤瘡、毛孔粗大、油性和混合性等問題皮膚。 適用於油性、混合性、易長痤瘡的皮膚 使用方法: 適合作為日霜或晚霜。把乳霜塗抹於潔淨的皮膚上,輕輕按摩,直到完全吸收。 產品成分: 從桃金娘果實中提取的Acnilys®是一種具有強大的抗痘、抗炎和抗菌作用的多功能成分,可以減少皮脂產生、脂質氧化,並抑制痤瘡丙酸桿菌的生長,從根源解決問題;同時,收縮毛孔,減少皮膚炎症、刺激和發紅現象,使皮膚光滑、緊緻。 從澳洲桃金娘中提取的OiLESS'cityTM,能減少因污染環境而引起的皮膚出油,幫助皮膚保持正常的油脂代謝(平衡皮脂生成的自然過程),並顯著抑制皮脂中角鯊烯的氧化,從而防止痤瘡。 從兩個品種荷花中提取的NelupureTM成分,從皮膚深層調節皮脂腺,減少皮膚油光、黑頭的形成和皮膚損傷, 讓肌膚重新回到舒適、清新的狀態。 CYTOFRUIT®水獼猴桃(一種濃縮的有機奇異果汁)以自然的方式為皮膚補充能量,活化和保濕。獲得果汁的特殊,多階段且平衡的技術可確保100%保留其生物學價值和最大的同化性。 乙醇醛 透明質酸的特徵是其顆粒比標準顆粒小一百倍以上,並且皮膚的生物利用度高。它具有深層,多維水合效果,並改善了其他活性成分的運輸效果。 黃油 與皮膚脂質具有很好的生物相容性。它增強了細胞間膠結和表皮屏障功能。它可以防止乾燥和撫平。具有抗衰老作用,使皮膚光滑。它支持日光浴後的皮膚再生。 PENTAVITIN®COMPLEX 立即,強效和持久的皮膚保濕(長達72小時)。 摩洛哥堅果油 緊實,滋潤和撫平皮膚。具有強大的嫩膚和抗氧化作用。 奇亞籽油 包含6種酸,類黃酮和礦物質,可增強和再生皮膚。它顯示出強大的抗衰老性能並增強彈性。 荷荷巴油 具有很強的抗氧化和緊膚效果。它可以增強細胞間的水泥質並防止皮膚乾燥。 SEALIFT® 由兩個紅藻製成的複合物,可撫平,提拉和保護皮膚。它在皮膚表面形成保濕和保護性防污染屏障,可防止脫水和環境污染的滲透。 CELUS-BI®酯 創新的生態薊潤膚劑,它們增強了表皮屏障,使皮膚異常柔軟和光滑。 DESCRIPTION Don’t be sh(y)iny is designed for a complex support of problem skin: prone to acne and inflammations, with large pores, oily and shiny. Selling Points: It contains a loading dose of complementary, sebum-regulating, protective and hydrating ingredients. It cares for problem skin: prone to acne and inflammations, with enlarged pores, oily and combination. Method of Application: Use as a day and night cream. Apply a small amount of the cream to cleansed skin and gently massage until it is absorbed. The Secret Recipe: Acnilys® obtained from rose myrtle (Rhodomyrtus tomentosa) fruit, is a multifunctional ingredient with strong anti-acne, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It reduces sebum production, lipid oxidation and the growth of Propionibacterium acnes bacteria which aggravate acne problems. It shrinks pores and smooths skin. It reduces inflammations, irritation and redness. OiLESS’city™ obtained from Australian lemon myrtle, reduces skin greasing caused by the polluted environment. It helps maintain proper oleostasis (the natural process of balanced sebum production) and significantly limits oxidation of squalene in sebum, preventing toxin production and acne lesions. Nelupure™ ingredient obtained from two lotus varieties reduces skin shining, formation of blackheads and skin lesions. It has a mattifying effect, restores skin comfort and the feeling of freshness and cleanliness. It regulates the activity of sebaceous glands from the inside. CYTOFRUIT® WATER KIWI (a concentrated organic kiwi juice) energizes, revitalizes and hydrates skin in a natural way. The special, multi-stage and balanced technology of obtaining the juice guarantees 100% preservation of its biological values and its maximum assimilability. GLYCOHYAL LW hyaluronic acid is characterized by its particles which are over a hundred times smaller than the standard ones and high bio-availability for skin. It gives the effects of deep, multi-dimensional hydration and improvement of transportation of other active ingredients. SHEA BUTTER shows a great biocompatibility with skin lipids. It strengthens the intercellular cement and the epidermis barrier function. It protects from dryness and smooths. It has anti-oxidative and anti-ageing effects and smooths the skin. It supports skin regeneration after sunbathing. PENTAVITIN® COMPLEX immediate, strong and long-lasting skin hydration (up to 72 hours). ARGAN OIL firms, hydrates and smooths skin. It has strong rejuvenating and anti-oxidative effects. CHIA SEED OIL contains minerals which strengthen and regenerate the skin. It shows strong anti-aging properties and enhances elasticity. JOJOBA OIL has strong anti-oxidative and firming effects. It strengthens the intercellular cement and prevents skin dryness. SEALIFT® a complex manufactured from two red algae, smooths, lifts and protects skin. It creates a hydrating and protective anti-pollution barrier on the skin surface, which protects against dehydration and penetration of environmental pollution. CELUS-BI® LIGHT ESTER the innovative, ecological thistle emollient, they strengthen the epidermis barrier, make skin exceptionally soft and smooth.

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