Alkemie 三重維生素C精華 (30ml) ALK.00303 (行貨) Wake-Up Shot! Tripple Vit-C Serum (30ml)



Alkemie 三重維生素C精華 (30ml) ALK.00303 (行貨) Wake-Up Shot! Tripple Vit-C Serum (30ml) 商品描述 滋潤和養護面部肌膚,強效減淡色斑和亮澤肌膚,舒緩疲勞痕跡。含有取自濃縮針葉櫻桃、費氏欖仁、卡卡度李子提取物,以及創新的AA2G 狀態的葡萄糖的高劑量維生素C,肌膚可以快速吸引經由此引入的生物再生能量。精華素富含大量維生素C、其他維生素和強效抗氧化劑,有效改善所有皮膚類型的外觀與健康,無懼歲月留下痕跡。精華素可以中和游離基,為肌膚注入能量和活力,回復年輕光澤。 產品特點: 維生素C 以三種穩定和活性的狀態 高劑量的抗氧化劑,為肌膚引入生物再生能量 質地輕盈柔滑 減少發炎情況,加速癒合,緊緻肌膚減淡色斑,亮澤肌膚,增強毛細血管刺激膠原蛋白產生,恢復肌膚活力 含有98.8%的天然成分(包括5.2%的有機成分) 使用方法: 每日早上或晚上使用一次。將少量精華素塗在潔淨的面部、頸部和肩頸皮膚上,避免眼睛部分。輕輕按摩,直至完全吸收。 產品成分: 卡卡度李子提取物 - 費氏欖仁含有高含量維生素C的超級水果,強效抗氧化,可以提升維生素C 轉運器合成加強皮膚細胞對抗游離基的能力,減少皺紋,恢復年青的皮膚外觀。 針葉櫻桃萃取物 - 亦稱巴巴多斯櫻桃,含有高劑量的天然維生素C、B和PP。強效保濕,防止皮膚老化,增強彈性。能夠刺激膠原蛋白的產生,密封血管。 維生素C-AA2G - 以葡萄糖穩定的高濃度維生素C,當應用在皮膚上時,接觸到皮膚上的酶 - 糖苷酶後會立即變得活躍。維生素C會逐漸被釋放,可以在一段長時間內保持活躍,讓肌膚吸收。 L-精氨酸 - 強效修復和護理肌膚,加強皮膚保濕效果。透過開啟細胞內的鉀通道,加速皮膚再生過程。 胭脂樹紅油 - 被視為效果最佳的植物抗氧化劑。可以抑制皮膚老化過程,大幅改善皮膚狀況。 葵花籽油 - 具有舒緩的特性,修正面部皮膚問題,同時滋潤肌膚 荷荷巴酯- 在皮膚上形成一層生物性的保護膜,修護及治療微細損傷。 維生素E - 舒緩刺激,幫助皮膚表皮再生。 有機甘油 - 可以長效滋潤表皮及保濕。 DESCRIPTION A biorevitalizing energy shot in the form of a shock serum with triple vitamin C. The high amounts of vitamin C, other vitamins and strong antioxidants allows the serum to improve the look and condition of every skin type, independently of its type or age. It rejuvenates, brightens, neutralizes free radicals, energize, vitality and youthful glow to the skin. Main Characteristics: Vitamin C in three active and stable forms A texture of a light, creamy emulsion Immediately stimulates and energizes Firms, accelerates healing, reduces inflammations Brightens discolorations, strengthens capillaries Contains 98.8% of natural ingredients (including 5.2% organic) Method of Application: For daily use. Once a day – in the morning or evening. Apply a small amount of the serum to cleansed face, neck and cleavage skin, avoiding eye area. Gently massage until it absorbs. The Secret Recipe: Extract from Kakadu plum - a unique superfruit with the highest content of vitamin C in the world. It combats oxidative stress, enhances the protection of cells against free radicals, and intensifies the synthesis of vitamin C transporters. It reduces wrinkles and restores the fresh look of the skin. Acerola extract - also known as Barbados cherry. It has one of the highest natural concentrations of vitamins C, B and PP in the world. It strongly hydrates, enhances the elasticity of the skin and prevent its aging. It stimulates the process of collagen production, and seals blood vessels. Vitamin C AA2G - a highly concentrated vitamin C, stabilized with glucose. It activates right away after being applied on the skin and coming into contact with glycosidase, an enzyme present on the skin. Gradually released, it stays active for a long time. L-arginine - shows very strong skin repairing and healing properties. It enhances the level of urea and, thus, the level of hydration. It opens intracellular potassium channels, accelerating the process of skin regeneration. Annatt o oil - it is considered the best plant antioxidant. It prevents the skin aging processes and visibly improves the skin condition. Sunflower oil - has soothing properties. It normalizes and moisturizes the face skin. Jojoba esters - it perfectly builds in the skin, acting as a biological compress for micro damage. Vitamin E - soothes irritation and supports epidermal regeneration. Organic glycerin - long-lastingly moisturizes and retains water in the epidermis.