Alkemie 去皺專才 - 成熟皮膚多肽精華液 (30ml) ALK.00662 (行貨) (GEN)IUS WRINKLE REMOVER - Peptide Mature Skin Booster (30ml)



Alkemie 去皺專才 - 成熟皮膚多肽精華液 (30ml) ALK.00662 (行貨) (GEN)IUS WRINKLE REMOVER - Peptide Mature Skin Booster (30ml) 商品描述 天賜祛皺面霜 含有高濃度的再生成分,能維持皮膚再生過程,減少細紋和深紋,令已有明顯老化特徵的成熟型皮膚恢復活力和平衡。 產品特點: 有效保護有細紋、深紋以及生化反應紊亂的皮膚。 成熟型皮膚、表情紋和深皺紋 使用方法: 適合日常使用或每週按摩兩至三次。用幾滴精華素塗抹在潔淨的面部、頸部和肩頸皮膚上,輕輕按摩直至完全吸收。若作為按摩用,請增加使用分量。 產品成分: 高濃度的Matrixyl® Morphomics™是一種強大的仿生學抗皺多肽物質功能,可以在皮膚的生化(形態學)水準上發揮作用。它具有全面的再生功效,能刺激透明質酸、關鍵型膠原蛋白和促進其合成的關鍵酶的產生。能啟動所謂的長壽基因,延長細胞壽命。能收縮肌肉,讓皮膚回到起初的光滑狀態,阻止皺紋固化。能增加皮膚結構的緊緻度,減少所有類型的皺紋(在使用幾天後便可以看到初步的效果!)。 兩種透明質酸:高分子和低分子 當結合使用時,它們顯示出比標準透明質酸強得多的效果。低分子形式深入皮膚,並從內部保濕。它支持維持細胞外基質,膠原蛋白和彈性蛋白的適當狀態。它有助於改善皮膚彈性並減少皺紋。它還促進了活性物質向皮膚深層的運輸。高分子酸可在皮膚上形成保濕膜,從而防止TEWL(表皮水分流失)並保護皮膚免受自由基和刺激。 CYTOFRUIT® WATER GREEN MANDARIN具有生物活性的有機綠色柑桔汁具有舒緩,放鬆和抗壓力的作用。它以適量的類黃酮,微量元素和維生素補充了助推器的成分。其獲得的特殊,多階段和平衡的技術可確保100%保留其生物學價值和最大的同化性。 GENENCARE OSMS PRO 滲透劑和氨基酸的複合物支持皮膚保護免受污染環境負面影響的天然機制。它增強了內部排毒過程,減少了表皮脂質的氧化以及紫外線和自由基對細胞DNA的損害。 摩洛哥堅果油 緊實,滋潤和撫平皮膚。具有強大的嫩膚和抗氧化作用。 維生素E 它可以舒緩刺激並加速表皮的再生。 DESCRIPTION (Gen)ius wrinkle remover is a highly concentrated booster of rejuvenating ingredients whose task is to support regenerating processes, reduce mimic lines and deep wrinkles, restore vitality and balance of mature skin with visiblesigns of ageing. Selling Points: It effectively cares for skin with mimic lines, deep wrinkles and disturbed biochemistry of skin. Method of Application: For daily use or massage 2-3 times a week. Apply a few drops of the elixir to cleansed face, neck and cleavage skin. Gently massage until it absorbs. Double the amount of the product if you want to perform a massage. The Secret Recipe: MaThe innovative Matrixyl® Morphomics™ used in high concentration is a very strong biomimetic anti-wrinkle peptide acting on the level of biochemistry (morphology) of skin. It has a global rejuvenating effect. It stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, key types of collagen and enzymes essential for its proper production. It activates the so called longevity genes prolonging the vitality of cells. It helps skin return to its original, smooth position after muscle contractions, which prevents wrinkles from becoming permanent. It increases density of the skin structure and reduction of all types of wrinkles (the first effects can be notices already after a few days of use!). TWO TYPES OF HYALURONIC ACID: HIGH AND LOW MOLECULAR when combined, they show much stronger effects than standard hyaluronic acid. The low molecular form penetrates deep into skin and hydrates it from the inside. It supports maintaining the proper condition of the extracellular matrix, collagen and elastin. It helps improve elasticity of skin and reduce wrinkles. It also facilitates the transportation of active substances deep into skin. The high molecular acid creates a hydrating protective film on skin, thanks to which it prevents TEWL (transepidermal water loss) and supports protection of skin against free radicals and irritation. CYTOFRUIT® WATER GREEN MANDARIN the biologically active, organic green mandarin juice has soothing, relaxing and anti-stress effects. It complements the booster’s composition with a fair dose of flavonoids, micro elements and vitamins. The special, multi-stage and balanced technology of its obtaining guarantees 100% preservation of its biological values and its maximum assimilability. GENENCARE OSMS PRO complex of osmolytes and amino acids supports the natural mechanisms of skin protection against negative effects of the polluted environment. It enhances the internal detoxification process, reduces oxidation of epidermis lipids and damage of cell DNA caused by UV rays and free radicals. ARGAN OIL firms, hydrates and smooths skin. It has strong rejuvenating and anti-oxidative effects. VITAMIN E it soothes irritation and accelerates regeneration of epidermis.