DIVO Grape Seed Oil 1L 葡萄籽油 1 升 (意大利進口)



DIVO Grape Seed Oil 1L 葡萄籽油 1 升 (意大利進口) 從葡萄籽中提取,因其清淡的味道而特別受歡迎,可用於調味沙拉、煎炸和烘烤各種食物。 成分:葡萄籽油,意大利進口。存放於陰涼避光處。 葡萄籽油來源於葡萄的種子。 由於葡萄的營養和藥用特性,幾個世紀以來,葡萄的種子和葉子已被用於許多家庭療法。 對健康的益處: 對痤瘡和皮炎有益 淡化老年斑和曬傷 保持健康的關節,例如。 關節炎 維持血糖、血壓和膽固醇水平 預防癌症 治療妊娠紋和皺紋 此外,它適用於沙拉醬、油炸和烘烤各種食品。 DIVO Grape Seed Oil 1L (Imported from Italy) Extracted from grape seed and particularly appreciated for its light taste, it is is used to dress salads, to fry and to bake all kinds of food. Ingredients: Grapseed Oil, Imported from Italy. Store in a cool and dark place. Grape Seed Oil is derived from the seeds of a grape. Due to their nutritional and medicinal properties grapes, their seeds and leaves have been used in many home remedies for centuries. Health Benefits: Beneficial to Acne & Dermatitis Lighten Age Spots & Sun Burn Maintain Healthy Joints eg. Arthritis Maintain Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Level Prevent Cancer Remedy for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles Besides, it is suitable for salad dressing, frying and baking all kinds of food."