DIVO Olive Pomace Oil 1L 果渣橄欖油 1 升 (意大利進口)



DIVO Olive Pomace Oil 1L 果渣橄欖油 1 升 (意大利進口) 果渣橄欖油直接從橄欖中提取。 成分:精製果渣橄欖油、意大利進口。 存放在陰涼避光處。 果渣橄欖油是提取特級初榨橄欖油後留下的殘油,常用於高溫烹飪/油炸。顏色和味道都非常淺,其非常高的煙點使這種油非常適合油炸,儘管它也很常見 用於烘焙和烹飪。 DIVO Olive Pomace Oil 1L (Imported from Italy) Olive Pomace Oil obtained directly from Olives. Ingredients: Refined Pomace Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Imported from Italy Olive Pomace Oil is the residue oil left from extracting Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is commonly use for HIGH TEMPERATURE COOKING / FRYING.Very light in color and taste, its very high smoking point makes this oil perfect for deep frying, although it is also commonly used for baking and cooking.

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