DIVO Rice Bran Oil 250ml 米糠油 250毫升 (意大利進口)



DIVO Rice Bran Oil 250ml 米糠油 250毫升 (意大利進口) 意大利進口,成分:米糠油。 存放在陰涼避光處。 米糠油本身含有高含量的γ-谷維素,一種阿魏酸酯的天然混合物。 米糠油是通過非常規植物油精煉技術加工而成的,具有多種獨特的特性:它保留了原油中天然存在的大部分谷維素。 DIVO Rice Bran Oil 250ml (Imported from Italy) Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil. Store in a cool and dark place. Rice bran oil inherently contains a high level of gamma oryzanol, a natural mixture of ferulic acid esters. Rice bran oil is processed by a non-conventional vegetable oil refining technique to provide infact several unique properties: it retains much of the oryzanol that is naturally present in the crude oil.