Storm London Kombie Metal Lazer Black (行貨)



Storm London Kombie Metal Lazer Black (行貨) STORM Kombi 是STORM 迄今為止設計最獨特的手錶之一。 Kombi集時尚與功能於一身,配有黑色金屬錶帶,並帶有獨特的組合式錶盤。它獨特的垂直旋轉盤還帶有“動畫模式”,使佩戴者可以向朋友展示手錶獨特的旋轉功能! STORM London 是英國手表潮牌,世界創意手表領域第壹品牌,款式設計的比較另類,是壹個相對比較小眾的品牌。因為其另類的設計,STORM僅僅用了幾年時間,就躋身倫敦時尚的前沿,迅速成為時尚腕表的領航者。STORM自上世紀九十年代崛起後,就以其大膽挑戰世俗約束的設計形態,在設計界和時尚界贏得了顯赫名聲。 STORM以其獨特的設計理念、年輕、積極、性感的品牌形象迅速吸引了壹大批品牌簇擁者。STORM在手表市場,第壹個提出了創意、時尚、時裝手表的概念,不久就獲得了市場和消費者的認同。STORM希望告訴所有熱愛生活的人們,珍惜時間,並堅信自己的力量,學會突破自我設防,主動改變規則,不要墨守成規,在有限的生命中積極主宰時間,主宰自我,才是真正的生命真諦 British brand STORM leads the way with statement designs and trend led product. With a multitude of cutting edge designs across both casual and contemporary styles, STORM continues to push boundaries through its innovative approach to produce unique fashion watches and jewellery. With highly original designs almost architectural in form, STORM has standout ability. Stainless steel, enamel, ceramic, leather, and Swarovski crystals are just a few of the high quality materials which contribute towards the STORM collection. STORM is renowned for its exclusive watches and distinctive stylish fashion accessories. In addition to an extensive range of watches and jewellery STORM also offers bags, wallets, fragrances, eyewear, clothing and footwear. STORM products are sold in department and chain stores, independent retail outlets, and STORM standalone stores in over 45 countries around the world. STORM is the leading British fashion watch brand on the market today. Launched in 1989 and still pioneers of the fashion industry. STORM has a vision to continue pushing the boundaries to ensure its customers are always excited by its new and original designs. Band material type: Stainless Steel Watch movement: Quartz Dial colour: Blue Band colour: Black Display type: Analog Dial window material type: Mineral glass, Glass Case diameter: 45 Millimetres Case thickness: 17.00 Shape: Round